Upcoming Schedule

Condominium Association Board Meeting: Third Monday of every month at 6:30 PM in the clubhouse

Community Association Board Meeting: Third Monday of every month at 7:00 PM in the clubhouse


May Board Meetings TONIGHT!

Its that time of the month again.  The May community and condo board meetings will be held TONIGHT at 6:30 and 7:00 in the clubhouse.

Below are the agendas:

Hope to see you there!

Meeting minutes from January’s board meetings

In response to feedback we have received about improving communications to residents within Hampton Hills, we will be posting meeting minutes after each board meeting on this web site for review by all residents.

If you missed the January meeting this past Monday, here’s what you missed:

 Community meeting, January, 2014

 Condo meeting, January, 2014

We hope we can see you at a future board meeting!

Incorrect payment coupons mailed out

All residents,

Please be advised that, due to a mix-up at Swift Management, the payment coupons which were mailed out to everyone are incorrect. Unfortunately, the board was only made aware of this after the coupons were already mailed. Therefore, people will receive the incorrect coupons starting today.

We have already begun replacement of the coupons with the correct amounts. Please be aware that the January 1st payments (and all subsequent 2014 payments) will be in the following amounts:

  • Condominium Association: $185
  • Community Association:
  • - Townhomes: $173
  • - Condos: $167


Please anticipate the replacement coupons to reflect the above amounts within the following week.

We apologize that this has happened again. We are taking action going forward to ensure this will not be a problem in the future.

Thank you for your patience,

The HOA and HCC Boards

Have questions for the board?

The Hampton Hills Condo and Community associations are always more than willing to address any direct questions or concerns brought up by homeowners within Hampton Hills.  You can easily reach the board by attending one of the monthly meetings, or directing your questions to Charles Brown (Property Manager) or Derrick Pollard (Clubhouse Manager).

Charles is reachable by email or phone, and is on the property several times per week.

Derrick is in the clubhouse and around the community 5 days each week and is more than happy to address your concerns or forward them to the board.  He is also reachable by email or by calling (954) 582-9852.

Please feel free to direct your questions or comments to these direct channels, and we welcome all residents to attend our monthly board meetings as posted above.

November is budget approval month!

NOW is your chance to get involved!

November is the month where the Associations prepare for the next year.  The November board meetings will be budget approval meetings for both the Condominium Association and Community Association.

During these meetings, the 2012 operating budgets will be approved and the 2012 dues will be determined.

If there’s ever a meeting to attend, it is this one!

We hope to see you there, and bring plenty of questions for the board.

New Waste Management Trash Cans

Beginning today, you will start seeing Waste Management delivering trash cans and recycling bins to all Hampton Hills residences. The delivery will be ongoing until all units have received their assigned containers.

Many residences have requested certain sizes. If you did not receive the size which you requested, please contact Waste Management as soon as possible. Their phone number is (954) 974-7500.

We realize that these containers are large and cumbersome and we have tried to consult with the City of Tamarac to reduce the size or necessity of these cans. However, this is a requirement of the new city-wide contract with Waste Management as the primary trash service provider for the entire city.

Please note – the yellow top cans are for recycling ONLY. The green top is for garbage.

Trash services in Hampton Hills will remain Tuesday and Friday mornings. Recycling will be Friday mornings as well.

For Hampton Hills Condo residents, we are still in process of transitioning from the existing night-time service to the new Waste Management service. This transition will be complete in the coming weeks. Until further notice, please continue utilizing the existing night-time service schedule.

If you choose to dispose of your existing trash containers, place the container curbside on a Friday with a red “X” on the side, and the Waste Management truck should remove it.

If you have any additional questions, we suggest to address them to the Waste Management Customer Service hotline at (954) 974-7500.