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Condominium Association Board Meeting: Third Monday of every month at 6:30 PM in the clubhouse

Community Association Board Meeting: Third Monday of every month at 7:00 PM in the clubhouse

Have questions for the board?

The Hampton Hills Condo and Community associations are always more than willing to address any direct questions or concerns brought up by homeowners within Hampton Hills.  You can easily reach the board by attending one of the monthly meetings, or directing your questions to Charles Brown (Property Manager) or Derrick Pollard (Clubhouse Manager).

Charles is reachable by email or phone, and is on the property several times per week.

Derrick is in the clubhouse and around the community 5 days each week and is more than happy to address your concerns or forward them to the board.  He is also reachable by email or by calling (954) 582-9852.

Please feel free to direct your questions or comments to these direct channels, and we welcome all residents to attend our monthly board meetings as posted above.

One Response to “Have questions for the board?”

  • VAB:

    Some suggestions for a better community….
    1. We need a manned gate
    2. We need a security company to roam around the community at night to protect the integrity of the community (ie keep kids out of the gym,etc)
    3. We need a vallet garbage pickup daily for the homes that do not have garages. The garbage pails on peoples’ lanais surrounding the lake look very enticing and classy (Sarcasm)
    4. Stop renting out the clubhouse and make it into a recreational area with pool tables, ping pong, fooseball, etc for the homeowners who deserve it.
    I don’t understand why HOA fees are so high considering the fact that the gate system is constantly broken, I have sitting water for months in front of my home, there is trash and dog droppings everywhere, and the gym is subpar. What are we paying for? In the by-laws does it not say that the HOA is responsible for the external appearance of our community and homes? I think we need a new management company because the current one is borderline committing fraud by collecting our dues but not providing the services in which they are required, such as maintaining the community. If this does not get corrected immediately I will be forced to take action against the management company and the HOA members. And if my post gets taken down it just proves that the leadership in this community does not want to take action and responsibility. Many people share the same feelings about the community as I do in that we want it to be great and it is subpar at this point. Instead of denying or hiding the facts that are right before are very eyes take action by putting our HOA fees to good use with updating gym equipment and pool furniture, getting a manned gait and roaming security guard and severely punish the people who don’t want to curb their dog or who litter.
    I want to live in a nice community and it is going in the opposite direction.
    Thanks for your time

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