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Incorrect payment coupons mailed out

All residents,

Please be advised that, due to a mix-up at Swift Management, the payment coupons which were mailed out to everyone are incorrect. Unfortunately, the board was only made aware of this after the coupons were already mailed. Therefore, people will receive the incorrect coupons starting today.

We have already begun replacement of the coupons with the correct amounts. Please be aware that the January 1st payments (and all subsequent 2014 payments) will be in the following amounts:

  • Condominium Association: $185
  • Community Association:
  • - Townhomes: $173
  • - Condos: $167


Please anticipate the replacement coupons to reflect the above amounts within the following week.

We apologize that this has happened again. We are taking action going forward to ensure this will not be a problem in the future.

Thank you for your patience,

The HOA and HCC Boards

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