Upcoming Schedule

Condominium Association Board Meeting: Third Monday of every month at 6:30 PM in the clubhouse

Community Association Board Meeting: Third Monday of every month at 7:00 PM in the clubhouse

About Hampton Hills

Hampton Hills is located at:

9101 Lancaster Street
Tamarac, FL 33321
(954) 582-9852
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Built in 2006, Hampton Hills is made up of over 340 townhomes and 196 condominiums.

5 Responses to “About Hampton Hills”

  • Roberet Lagarenne:

    Just moved into Hampton Hills yesterday and were so excited. It’s a beautiful communitee and I hope to meet many won derful people. My new address is 9147 Whistable walk and my name is Bob and my wife is Nicole. My children are Gregory, Christopher and Meagan. Thanks for the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Hope to see you all around the communityu

  • The Larsons:

    Thank you so much for putting the holiday lights up in front of the clubhouse! We know it was hard work, and you made it look warm, inviting and festive. We really appreciate it! Let us know how we can help with getting more lights for next year, if you are interested!

  • Sandra Inoa:

    I move in October. I do like here very much. My address is 9132 Pershore Place.
    I am sport manager and Coach for professional athletes in Track and field specially the Marathon. I am well known as Sandra Khannouchi Coach and Manager of 2 times world record holder in the Marathon and national record Holder from USA Khalid Khannouchi I will be coaching recreational runner for distance from
    5km to marathon.

    I personally think Hampton Hills is a great place for a new start. At least for me.
    I always do exercises late night so if you see a crazy white woman running or doing Sumba aerobic around the property. That’s me. I am not crazy I am only burning calories. Late night is the only time available for me.

    I also want to point out that for 3 occasions ,3 supposedly student being knocking at my door asking for money for college. They do not live in Hampton Hills. They are young. They have dark skin.
    I do not like out side people coming to my door asking for money. We must stop it.

    Thank you
    sandra Inoa Khannouchi

  • Lauren Barbato:

    Is there a bulk pick up scheduled for Christmas trees?

  • gina yacobellis:

    hi i been living here 6 years. I LOVE MY COMMUNITY. lets keep it safe for all the wonderful children that live here. was wondering if we can start a community exercise class. i am certified aerobics and personal tRAINER AND WOULD LOVE TO START A CLASS FOR ALL THE BUSY MOMS OUT THERE.CAN WE HAVE A COMMUNITY BLOCK PARTY? WOULD LOVE TO GET TO KNOW OTHER HOMEOWNERS.THIS COMMUNITY IS THE BEST IN TAMARAC. JUST LOVE LVING HERE.

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